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Career Audit, Definition, Validation of Objectives and Content Optimization of your Personal Presentation the a Job Search Project. (English Version: Jan 2019)

  1. Strategic Analysis of your Current Situation, Career Audit and Definition of Search Objectives, and immediate short and medium term actions (Module I).
  2. Audit, Optimization, and Improvement of your Personal Presentation for the construction of your Profile, Resume, CV and Marketing Profile and Applications (Module I).
  3. Connection Techniques via Mini Cover Letters (Part of Module II, does not include identification of Targets).
  4. Orientation and Assistance on Job Search limited to 3 consultations (Part of Module III, Does not include Market Research or Tracking).
  5. Support in Selection Interviews, includes up to 3 drill. (Part of Module II)
  6. Training in Cover Letters design up to a maximum of 3.
  7. Profile distribution throughout my LinkedIn Network. Take into account that it is only a minor Marketing support and in no way a commitment to send profile to your Target Market.
  8. Random applications depending on my navigation, once your Personal Presentation is loaded in Gutenberg Editor
  9. Facebook Boosting and LinkedIn Promoted Marketing at variable cost as an additional service, if you are willing to invest in automatic marketing.

Maximum time to be invested: 12 hours – Fee: 60 – 80 Euros. Variation depends on the complexity and level of case. @average cost per hour = 5 EUR

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