Pablo Arimany


General Manager, 18+ years experience in Paper, Packing & Construction Materials, and 7+ year in HydroElectric Generation Projects.


Searching General Management positions or Business Division Level where I can contribute with my 26+ years experience directing manufacturing companies in the paper industry, aggregates and power generation with commercial operations in Guatemala, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean;

The companies I have worked for have reached and exceeded targets as a result of team work, selecting, training, individually developing and assigning the best people for each job, creating a work environment where there is harmony, respect and professional ethics.

  • Mechanical Engineer, LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, Bethlehem, PA, USA, 1988
  • MBA in marketing, ESEADE, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, 1994


Hidroelectrica Pacayas: June 2011 – Current

General Manager of a 5 MW hydroelectric power plant

3 USD Million Sales. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Finance Manager, 1 Public & Social RelationsManager. Total Manpower: 16

  • Start of the project from zero with management of licenses, permits, negotiation of the power sale contract (PPA), financing, design, relations with neighboring farms, communities, institutional relations, construction and start up of operations on March 25, 2015
  • Zero work stoppages from the start of construction to date, which are often the result of problems generated by inadequate communication and relationship with the communities in the area.

Grupo Progreso: September 1992 – May 2011

Agregados de Centro America, S. A. (Agreca): December 2009 – May 2011

General Manager of an Aggregates factory for the Construction Industry.

8 plants in Guatemala, 1 in Honduras and 1 in Panama. 40 USD Million Sales. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Sales Manager, 1 Sales Manager, 1 Finance Manager, 1 HHRR Manager, 1 Public & Social Relations Manager, and 1 Warehouse Head. Total Manpower: 150

  • Received the company with losses and bring it to positive earnings in the first year of management
  • Improved relationships and service with customers. Managed key clients.
  • An aggregates contract was reached in the construction of the Panama Canal as part of the general pool of providers.

Samcarsa de México, S.A. C.V.: March 2002 – December 2009

Joint Venture General Manager (25% Management Time):

Assigned in 25% in of my management time, to build a factory in Mexico as part of Sacos del Atlántico, S.A. where we had a mexican partner. I was in charge of assembling it, and once it was up and running, I hired a local manager, and continue working in 10% of my time as an external advisor until December 2009.

  • Promotion in the investment of a new multiwall paper bags factory in Mexico was accomplished with Mexican partners.
  • Running simultaneously the companies in Mexico and Guatemala, traveling a week per month during the period of growth and stabilization of the production and sales.
  • Managed Key Clients

Samcarsa Guatemala, later Sacos del Atlantico: September 1992 – December 2009

General Manager (75% a 90% Management Time)

Joint Venture between Arimany Group & Cementos Progreso for manufacturing of multi wall paper bags for the cement, lime, flour and seed industries in Central America and the Caribbean. Sales Volume around 20 USD MM. Arimany Group sold its shares to Cementos Progreso in 2003. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Sales Manager, 1 Finance Manager, 1 HHRR Manager, and 1 Warehouse Head. Total Manpower: 85

  • From being a smallest company of the area, I made it the largest, most modern and efficient in Central America and the Caribbean. From 1,992 to 2,009 sales increased from 24MM to 103MM of bags
  • Reduced paper waste from 12% to 1.5%
  • Increased 137% productivity per worker
  • Glue savings in 50%
  • Increase Sales Volume by 329%
  • 7% above average profits in this industry in the world market.
  • Business / Commercial expansion to Central America & Caribbean. Alway managing key clients.
  • Leading supplier of multi wall paper bags for Cementos Progreso and Cemex in Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Created the management foundations which allowed “Sacos del Atlantico” obtained for several consecutive years the award “Best Place to Work” in Guatemala.

Fábrica de Equipos, S.A. (Equipment Factory): July 1990 – August 1992

General Manager of an Arimany Group Workshop that gave maintenance services and manufacture of equipment for the paper mills. 3 USD million Sales. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Warehouse head, 1 Accountant, and 1 HHRR Manager. Total Manpower: 120

Papeles Elaborados, S.A. (Elaborated Papers): July 1990 – June 1998

Production Supervisor of a Recycling paper factory in Guatemala that used to belong to Arimany Group and then later sold to Kimberly Clark. 25 direct people in the line of report.

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