Oscar Parra Fracachan


Oil Gas Refinery Project / Scheduling / Costs Specialists


Civil Engineer with 24 years’ experience in planning and control in large projects in oil and gas industry: 10 years in downstream refinery operations and 7 years in upstream onshore production

Experience in implementation of the project change management system, ensuring proper monitoring, management and close- out of projects.

Experience in economic control of projects with earned value method, including development of work plan budget and forecast expenditures

Knowledge in the Earned Value Method for cost tracking and monitoring and cost estimates.

Participation in forensic schedule analysis in order to resolve dispute with the clients.

Participation in risk analysis and decision making with Crystall Ball software.

Schedules assessment using Acumen/FUSE of DELTEK.

Participation in root cause analysis and troubleshooting.

Working in multi-cultural environments and clients

Management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and coaching individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments.

Team player, skilled in negotiations and conflict management, effective communication, problem solving, leadership, influencer in the organization and motivator of individuals.

Knowledge of Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, Ms Project) as well as Advanced PRIMAVERA, Crystall Ball. Exposure to SAP MM environments

  • Civil Engineer 1994 by Universidad de Zulia, Venezuela. College Engineering ID: 96109
  • Project Management Master’s Degree 2001 by Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela: Project Management Institute ID: 273258
  • Cost Master´s Degree 2009 by Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado, Venezuela: American Association of Cost Engineers ID: 408674


FOCUS TECNOLOGIA, Puerto la Cruz – Venezuela. 2018 – Current

Control Project Manager

Provide methodological and technical support in the preparation of the budgets of the last 6 projects to its respective managers; based on knowledge of the cost estimates made for the projects.

Responsible for controlling and monitoring the costs and expenses of each project through the contract administrator and planners, including the verification of invoices and claims that come from each supplier, vendor or subcontractor, in order to ensure that each cost record is valid and correctly registered.

Evaluation/knowledge of the daily cost of each resource. Creation and maintenance of the organization’s cost center system.· Provide a cost control report for all projects, including variations and warnings to give rise.· Monitoring of costs and performance on the relevant activities of each project.·

Coordinate, assist, participate proactively in every team meeting of each project, including their respective start-up meetings and in the meetings where the economic and physical performance of the project is discussed.

East Oil & Gas, Jose Industrial Condominium Eastern Venezuela: 2015 – actual

Project Manager

Responsible for “Petropiar Improver Engineering and Procurement Coke Drums Deheader Project“, the timely allocation of resources and the management of production costs control systems: I lead a team of 37 employees who have imputed 65,000 manpower hours developing the conceptual, basic and detail engineering of the installation of 8 unheading valves and 4 center feed devices of coke drums of the Petropiar upgrader.

Planned 537 activities, tasks & objectives for 3 teams in 3 countries locations: Madrid, Salt Lake City and Puerto La Cruz.

Coordinated 55 Procurement Process Actions with the USA equipment provider Delta Valve to engineer the equipment, its fabrication and mobilization of more than 500 tons of materials to the warehouses of the upgrader using several source points and in 56 container crates.

Key Tasks and Milestone of the project :

  • Elaboration of work breakdown structure of the project in order to develope the schedules, time, cost, quality, procurement and critical resources plans of the project.
  • Identification of the risks of the project (32 in total) and following via the project’s papers.
  • Proactive management in the assignation of resources and tools to carry out tasks according to the project’s schedules.
  • Following of 537 critical path tasks defined in the project’s schedule
  • Implementation of quality management plan through the assignation of 8800 man hours of specialized personnel.
  • Elaboration and analysis of 48 control reports of the project based earned values of the engineering phase, 81 progress reports for the procurement phase and 132 financial control reports
  • Final acceptance of the project by the client.

Curtiss-Wright, Jose Industrial Condominium Eastern Venezuela: 2013 – 2015

Planning Scheduling Coordinator

In charge of Revision, adjustment and approval of 2014 Petrocedeño Extra Heavy Oil Upgrader project plan turnaround and 4 main schedules for the preparation and installation of the Top and Bottom New Deheading Systems – Delayed Coker Drums.

Coordination of 972 tasks using Primavera and Elaboration and analysis of 39 weekly project control reports based on the earned value methodology, 16 monthly progress reports and 86 daily turnaround reports to support decisions in the situational room.

Documented responses of 3 claims by the company responsible for the installation of the valves, performing the delay’s analysis for the effective resolution of the conflicts.

The most relevant activities were:

  • Creation of the work breakdown structure of the project (WBS) with the intention of developing the time, cost, critical resources and procurement plans.
  • Obtaining the approval of the project’s plan by the client.
  • Measurement of the physical and economic performance of the projects using the suitable tools and techniques (In this case using earned value).
  • Lead the forensic analysis of the 4 schedules and the 972 activities through the comparison between “as planned vs as built” for the mitigation of claims.
  • Responsible for supervising and supporting project and construction engineers and support schedule analysis in sustaining claims.

ODEBRECHT Venezuela: 2012 – 2013

Brasil Planner Leader

Directed, guided, elaborated and updated, with a team of 8 Planning Engineers, the work schedules for the construction of an 11 Billion USD Second Bridge over Maracaibo Lake, which took 2+ million m3 of concrete.

Construction included western and eastern viaducts, low bridge, main bridge, camps at the headwaters, access roads, foundations and other maritime facilities

Created Purchasing Actions Plans for 2012 and 2013 for the adquisition of 15,000 MT of steel, 30,000 TM of stone quarries and 15,000 TM of Cement required for the eventual construction/installation of a fabrication system to build bridge foundations’ piles as well as 3 concrete plants of 1,200 m3/day’s capacity.

Directed and executed control tasks of the different parts of the construction project through the creation of 90 “One Week Look Ahead” in order to influence weekly management productivity.

Presented 122 global project status reports (weekly and monthly): 96 of them for internal use and 26 customer reports on the overall progress.

DRAGASUR Venezuela: 2008 – 2011

Projects & Construction Manager

Responsible for the implementation of project processes, timely allocation of resources and production costs control systems. In charge of 120 people.

Execution of 24 projects in 4 years (45% in Tanks Construction, 38% in Refineries Mechanical Maintenance, and 17% in Environmental Engineering) worth USD 117 million. Exceeded profit targets consistently over 15% through timely decision making and implementation of Cost Control strategies.

Creation of 3 new service lines: mechanical maintenance of Refinery Product Lines, construction & maintenance of oil tanks, and mechanical maintenance of Refinery Process Units.

Development of a Project Management Information System “ON LINE” to provide timely assistance to the decision-making process.

Created Model for Enterprise Resources Distribution to the different projects, minimizing 14% equipment rentals. Thus impacting Revenues.

Identification, preparation and presentation of 10 claims to our customers, of which 8 were successful, allowing a recovery of more than USD 2 million.

NCT Energy Group / ABB: November 2007 – March 2008

Project Planner Controller

Responsible for Initiation, Planning, Control and Closure of 3 Oil and Gas Projects executed by the company in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

Made sure that the oil well recovery projects in Rincon de los Sauces and in Loma de la Lata in Neuquén Argentina and in Santa Cruz de Bolivia, where made in line with Plans, Business Objectives and Profitability.

Submitted 98 weekly performance reports with the productivity indicators agreed with the members of the teams.

Carried out economic feasibility studies for the recovery of 182 oil wells in these 3 Projects. IRR, NPV and period of returns considering the investment required to recover the each oil well and its expected production values were calculated.

Prepared plans and schedules of the three projects and updated them weekly

PDVSA Industrial Services

Strategic Planning Leader

The Industrial Services of PDVSA in western Venezuela is responsible for the construction of oil production facilities in Lake of Maracaibo (subsea pipe laying, oil wells drilling, construction of platform production on the lake, subsea pipe repair, installation of platforms’ piles), all major maintenance activities of all facilities and construction and maintenance of boats /barges

As leader of the department I measured the performance its different activities, the most important being the work time of the drilling barges, the performance of the barges of laying of pipes in the lake, control and monitoring of the activities of Maintenance of oil production facilities.

Lead the PREMIO project (4.5 billion dollars during 2007 for the recovery and maintenance of all the production facilities of the PDVSA western division.

Lead the feasibility study of the fabrication of 600 boats of different applications to leverage the oil activity of the division in the years 2,007 – 2012.

Carried out performance’s monitoring of the repairs of boats/barges in the dry docks in the central workshops.

Led the expansion projects of the naval maintenance units through the acquisition of floating docks.

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