Job Search Services

Techniques, Methodology & Process on how to Define, Plan, Organize and Execute a successful Local, Regional Economic Blocks or International Job Search.

  • Planned Immigration Strategy. 
  • International Job Search (Expat or Sponsorship). 
  • Local Job Searches in any given Country or Regional Block like LATAM, NAFTA, EMEA, MENA, APAC, MERCOSUR, TTIP or Industries Worldwide. 
  • Research on Functional Markets or Industries. 

What includes:

1 Year Remote Support, incluiding Job Market Tracking, Network Development Support and Long Term Career Planning. 

Modules I, II, III, IV, V, VI have been developed and tested for the past 16 years and whatever you do as a Job Seeker will fall under one of those Modules. 

  • Module I: Situational Analysis, Definition of Search Strategy & Target
  • Module II: Digital Marketing, Social Selling & Network Development
  • Module III: Market Research, Tracking & Intelligence Collection
  • Module IV: Network Management
  • Modulo V: Cost of Living, Taxes, Salary Market Prices & Capitalization Strategy
  • Modulo VI: Long Term Career Planning

Fees per year Service

  • € 120 – €180 for Local Country Job Search
  • € 260 – €380 for Regions involving several countries
  • € 480 – €580 for Wordwide Searches
  • € 10 – € 60  for Resume/CV Profile Optimizations 

Definition of Career Plan & Objectives may cost up to € 60 and available as per case, subject to conditions to be defined during formal online Skype interview. 

WhatsApp: +569 3735 1380 or Skype: JustinoMora.