Job Search over Houston

This is a proposal for running a delegated Job search over Houston Texas within the Instrumentation & Control Function of the different industries that use that specialty.

Consulting Services & Job Search Project Proposal:

Industry Scope: Oil & Gas, EPCM,

Module I: Situational & Contextual Analysis

Key objectives: Profile & CV drafting and optimization to reflect real nature of the jobs done in the past and exposed key experience and know how. Consultant will draft preliminary proposal, but client must provide additional information if requested, specifically in those cases of empty job descriptions in their Career Time Line

Since it is an old client it is expected just to be a review and update. However data is 2 years old.

Detail of what contains this Module:

Module II: Market Targets Identification & Referral Marketing

{Reaching the Market & Selling via Network Referrals} Key Objectives: Identification of Real Players in the target Markets/Industries as well as specialized Engineering Recruitment Companies operating in the Houston Area. The candidate is responsible for executing connections following method of Mini Cover Letters & Thanks Letters.

The Candidate doesn’t have time. Hence project must include drafting Mini Cover Letters & Thanks Letters for every application.

Market Research, Intelligence & Tracking

Key objectives: Weekly tracking of Jobs published in the targeted markets/industries both at the level of LinkedIn Jobs as wells as Content published.

In spite of Candidate not having time, he must assume responsibility for the analysis and processing of every Job Post or Lead detected. Data will be sent to his account

Since candidate does not have time, this will be almost a fully delegated search without any training on Job Seeking

Restrictions on Candidate Time availability force this project to almost 90% delegation.

Consultant is in no way accountable if the Candidate fails to be offered Sponsorships

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