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The Definition: Probably there are thousands of definitions of what a Cover Letter is. Mine, mimics the mental process a Recruiter/Headhunter goes when receiving an application or Resume/CV and has to make a decision of weather or not to process the Candidate against the posted position. Maybe the type of Cover Letter I am going to talk about is not really a Cover Letter, but since there are so many definitions of what such a document is, who cares about me developing a new one?. What is important is weather or not it produce results.

The Cover Letters I help to developed can be used as LinkedIn Summary, as Personal Presentation in a formal Open Interviews, as a Template for generating specific Custom Cover Letters or as General Guideline for answering questions in Closed Interview environments without getting out of Focus.

If you search “Cover Letter” on Google you will find thousands of inputs. In fact you will find 89 Million Results. In what follows, I will present my personal view on this matter and how I plan to solve it.

Recruiters, Headhunters, Agencies talk about something call “Match, FIT, Short List” … Well that is just a an equivalent term for Soft Qualitative Correlation.!!! And that is exactly the business scope of Cover Letters: To generate mind correlation.

Doing a Statistical Numerical Correlation is a Piece of Cake if you are good at numbers and have basic knowledge of statistical theory since the problem is numerical data driven.

But doing a Correlation on Soft Qualitative Variables like the ones contained on your Profile/Resume/CV is another history since the Correlation must be made against the requirements of a given Job Post at which you may be applying.

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