Thanks’ Letter: William Chacon

Dear xyz 

Thanks for accepting me in your Recruiting Network.

As I told you in the Invite, I’m a Mechanical Engineer, Residential Construction Project Manager /Coordinator with 9+ years experience in Project Cycle Management with a Master Degree in Management. 

I’m highly organized, diligent, responsible, detail & teamwork oriented, intercultural exposed, and good in conflict resolution. I have advance knowledge in MS Office, MS Project and intermediate AutoCAD.

I am searching positions in Toronto area, but I don’t have any problem in relocating myself elsewhere within Ontario Province. 

Regards, William Chacon

Invite Mini Cover Letter: William Chacon

Dear xyz

I’m a Residential/Commercial Construction Project Coordinator/Manager(+84000 sqm area) with 9+ years experience. Canadian Resident since 2017 living in Montreal but open to relocation.

I’d like to be in your Recruiting Network for current or future positions

Regards, William Chacon 

Interacting with LinkedIn Posts

No matter what/how I do it, I still cannot get hold of the right strategy to interact with LinkedIn Job Posts in my Time Line

I have tested #Hashes, Liking, Commenting, Sharing but still cannot measure/see the effect. I see the traffic to my profile stable at 650 visits per month but no idea is that is due to engine optimization or due to posts interacting. 

What I am going to do is center on a 1 to 1 or 1 to many associations to the profile/s that better fit the job posts. I will stop sending posts to the general market and concentrate only on clients. An exception will be Job Posts from Recruiters & Headhunters that are 1° Degree Connections in my 20,000 Network