The Job Search Process

What Actions Steps you must take to execute a sucesful Job Hunt?

For several years I have tried to best explain the game, using different analogies. But none of the work well. This Year 2019 I have a new scheme to test out and see if the message get across.

Nicolas Aguero


Ingeniero de Ventas Industriales con 4 años de experiencia Combustibles y Lubricantes, y 2 en Materiales y Equipos de Soldadura.


Ingeniero Industrial 2005, 6+ años de experiencia en gestión de ventas, Atención al Cliente, planificación, programación y logística de transporte, adquisición de bienes, contratación de obras y servicios, procesos industriales y seguridad industrial. Rut 26.481.137-6, +56 9 4987 0192. Disponible para cualquier Region.

Experiencia en Combustibles, Lubricantes y Equipos y Materiales de Soldadura. Versátil, con orientación al cliente, negociación positiva, alto rendimiento, acostumbrando a trabajar bajo presión de metas y Objetivos, trabajo en equip, de facil adaptación al cambio,y disponible a viajar.

Dominio Intermedio de Windows Office, Excel, Project, SAP. Inglés básico.

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Pablo Arimany


General Manager, 18+ years experience in Packing, Construction Materials, and 7+ year in HydroElectric Generation Projects.


Perform General Management Positions or Business Divisions where I can contribute with my 26+ years experience directing manufacturing companies in the paper industry, aggregates and power generation with commercial operations in Guatemala, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean;

where goals have been reached and exceeded as a result of teamwork, selecting, training, developing individually and assigning the best people to each job, creating a work environment where there is harmony, respect and professional ethics.


Hidroelectrica Pacayas: June 2011 – Current

General Manager

General Manager of a 5MW private hydroelectric power plant. Achievements:

  • Start of the project from zero with management of licenses, permits, negotiation of the power sale contract (PPA), financing, design, relations with neighboring farms, institutional relations, construction and start of operations on March 25, 2015
  • Zero work stoppages from the start of construction to date, which are often the result of problems generated by inadequate communication and relationship with the communities in the area.

Grupo Progreso: May 2001 – May 2011

General Manager Centro America Agregates: December 2009 -May 2011

Aggregates factory for construction, with 8 plants in Guatemala, 1 in Honduras and 1 in Panama. Received company at loss and took it positive profits in the first year of management.

  • Improved relationships and service with customers
  • The aggregates contract was reached in the construction of the Panama Canal

General Manager Atlantic Packages: September 1992

Hector Monterroso


Finance & Business Development Commercial Manager: 8 years in HydroPower/LNG, 4 in Agroindustry and 2 in Construccion


Financial executive with 10+ years experience in large regional companies in Central America in Energy and Agro-industry, and Construction.

Experience in Financing, Budget Control, Debt management & Operating Expenses of infrastructure projects, OPEX, investment profitability analysis, treasury and accounting.

Creative, analytical and highly diligent. I have lead teams based on win / win principles, fellowship, trust and honesty. Focused on long-term results with solid working principles of strategic & financial planning.

I am a Public Accountant /Auditor with an MBA and Law Degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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Cover Letters

Theory & Structure

The Definition: Probably there are thousands of definitions of what a Cover Letter is. Mine, mimics the mental process a Recruiter/Headhunter goes when receiving an application or Resume/CV and has to make a decision of weather or not to process the Candidate against the posted position. Maybe the type of Cover Letter I am going to talk about is not really a Cover Letter, but since there are so many definitions of what such a document is, who cares about me developing a new one?. What is important is weather or not it produce results.

The Cover Letters I help to developed can be used as LinkedIn Summary, as Personal Presentation in a formal Open Interviews, as a Template for generating specific Custom Cover Letters or as General Guideline for answering questions in Closed Interview environments without getting out of Focus.

If you search “Cover Letter” on Google you will find thousands of inputs. In fact you will find 89 Million Results. In what follows, I will present my personal view on this matter and how I plan to solve it.

Recruiters, Headhunters, Agencies talk about something call “Match, FIT, Short List” … Well that is just a an equivalent term for Soft Qualitative Correlation.!!! And that is exactly the business scope of Cover Letters: To generate mind correlation.

Doing a Statistical Numerical Correlation is a Piece of Cake if you are good at numbers and have basic knowledge of statistical theory since the problem is numerical data driven.

But doing a Correlation on Soft Qualitative Variables like the ones contained on your Profile/Resume/CV is another history since the Correlation must be made against the requirements of a given Job Post at which you may be applying.

Thanks’ Letter: William Chacon

Dear xyz 

Thanks for accepting me in your Recruiting Network.

As I told you in the Invite, I’m a Mechanical Engineer, Residential Construction Project Manager /Coordinator with 9+ years experience in Project Cycle Management with a Master Degree in Management. 

I’m highly organized, diligent, responsible, detail & teamwork oriented, intercultural exposed, and good in conflict resolution. I have advance knowledge in MS Office, MS Project and intermediate AutoCAD.

I am searching positions in Toronto area, but I don’t have any problem in relocating myself elsewhere within Ontario Province. 

Regards, William Chacon

Invite Mini Cover Letter: William Chacon

Dear xyz

I’m a Residential/Commercial Construction Project Coordinator/Manager(+84000 sqm area) with 9+ years experience. Canadian Resident since 2017 living in Montreal but open to relocation.

I’d like to be in your Recruiting Network for current or future positions

Regards, William Chacon 

Interacting with LinkedIn Posts

No matter what/how I do it, I still cannot get hold of the right strategy to interact with LinkedIn Job Posts in my Time Line

I have tested #Hashes, Liking, Commenting, Sharing but still cannot measure/see the effect. I see the traffic to my profile stable at 650 visits per month but no idea is that is due to engine optimization or due to posts interacting. 

What I am going to do is center on a 1 to 1 or 1 to many associations to the profile/s that better fit the job posts. I will stop sending posts to the general market and concentrate only on clients. An exception will be Job Posts from Recruiters & Headhunters that are 1° Degree Connections in my 20,000 Network