Pablo Balaña


Sugarcane Agronomist Engineer with 16 years experience in Research, Development and Crop Production


Bilingual (English – Spanish) Agronomist Engineer with a Master Degree in AgroecoloGuategical Soil and Water Management. Panama resident with Guatemala citizenship. Available Worldwide.

16 years in Sugarcane Crop Management and Research: Experience in all aspects of production from planting to harvesting, farm’s management, budgets, agronomy, irrigation, sugarcane varieties development, topography, soil preparation, pest, ripeners, diseases and weeds control. Support to technical departments. Acquainted with tractors for land preparation, weed control and fertilization, mini sprinkler irrigation, pivot irrigation,

Sugarcane Research has been focus on the variety’s development, analyzing their results using statistical methods. Have done research in the implementation of new technologies such as new herbicides, organic fertilizers, imagery interpretation, precision agriculture techniques and new products for pest controls.

Responsible, tidy and organized at work. Good communicator. Experience managing and leading people, budgets, production cost, and good use of the company’s resources to achieve established objectives. Good communicator and listener to all the ideas/issues to improve productivity. Good team player.

Persistent, Self-Confident, Self motivated, Analytical, Passionate, Creative, Problem Solver, Reliable, Honest, humble and strictly organized at work. Like taking issues person to person. Friendly and respectful with colleagues and partners.

Competent in Microsoft Office and Arc View 10.3. Aerial applications, geographic information systems, and images interpretation. Open to new technologies to improve productivity

Oswaldo Saenz


Gerente Agricola en Plantaciones de Caña de Azucar. Con base en Panama / Guatemala y disponibilidad para Latin America

Liliana Montenegro


Asistente Contable Administrativa. Experiencia en Ventas E-commerce. Disponible para Santiago. Contactar +569-97275533


Licenciada en Administración y Técnico Contable por la Universidad Pública Experimental Guayana Venezuela, 2910. Dos años de experiencia contable en el Marco Contable Financiero Impositivo de Chile. Dominio del software Contable Administrativo Transtecnia y Softland . Conocimientos de Microsoft Office Word, Excel y PowerPoint.

Organizada, metódica, con capacidad de trabajar bajo presión y realizando múltiples tareas. Comprometida con lo que hago, siempre dispuesta ayudar y aprender nuevos conocimientos y desarrollar nuevas habilidades.

Experiencia en atención al público con gran sentido de responsabilidad y vocación de servicio.

Habilidad para la negociación Don de gente. Habilidad para negociar. Cuidadosa y organizada con mercancías


Importadora Distribuidora Aukinko: Abril 2017 – Actual

Asistente Contable Administrativa

Responsable de cargar la contabilidad via sistema Transtecnia Softland , asi como carga de inventario, cuentas x pagar / cobrar, conciliaciones bancarias, compras, manejo de impuestos internos, imposiciones de empleados via Previred, facturación, notas de credito, guias de entrada y salida, y revision de flujo de caja de tiendas. 70% de mi tiempo.

Encargada de canalizar y manejar las Ventas E-commerce hechas via paginas web de la empresa, falabella, ripley y baby tutoo. 30% del tiempo restante. Proceso ordenes de compra, armo pedidos, facturo y agendo despacho

Direccion Ejecutiva de la Magistratura, Venezuela: Febrero 2013 – Marzo 2017

Analista Contable

Elaboración y ejecución del presupuesto anual, declaraciones de Impuesto sobre la Renta de sueldos y salarios, revisión y control de ordenes de compras y viaticos, elebaracion y proyecciones de proyectos para mejoras de la infeaestructura, contabilidad, conciliaciones bancarias, cierre de año fiscal.

Revolution Systems, Venezuela: Febrero 2011 – Febrero 2013


Facturación, inventarios, manejo de personal, nomina, declaraciones de IVA, Impuesto sobre la Renta, compras, conciliaciones bancarias, usando sistema administrativo Saint.

Clinica Esperanza, Venezuela: Febrero 2008 – Agosto 2008

Analista de Cuentas por Pagar

Declaraciones de IVA, Impuestos sobre la Renta de sueldos y salarios, conciliaciones bancarias, calculo de honorarios medicos.

Jose Luis Ahogado


Mechanical Engineer, Major Static Assets Maintenance Specialist (+9 years) & Small Rotary (+6 years) in Downstream Oil & Gas Industrial Plants. On average, 10+ years of experience in Maintenance Planning.


12 years experience in mechanical maintenance, maintenance planning and scheduling of Petrochemical Plants Equipment, both in operation mode and shutdown.

Ensure availability of plant mechanical assets, taking part in the procurement of new units, accessories, materials, parts and spare parts and also in the contract of services, as it was established in the plant annual maintenance budget.

Ensure availability of static and rotary equipments of the methanol production processes either in running mode or in Turnaround Operations, within safe, on time and approved budget.

Ensure availability of tools for the maintainers, through the purchase of new items and performing preventive services to the already existing ones.

Coordinated night shifts of two Programmed Plant Turnarounds during 2010 and 2015

Supervise, coordinate and evaluate staff and contracted personnel, both in field and administrative duties, for the disciplines of mechanical maintenance and programming.

Knowledge of ASME & API standards, as well as staff management and in safety, expertise supervising Field Staff and Administrative Personnel. Used to work under pressure. Good problem solver

Knowledge of Windows (MS Office, Oracle, Meridium, Maximo). English Language level B2: excellent skills in oral and written communication.

Rapid assimilation of concepts, research capacity, dynamic, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, honest, committed, dedicated, motivated to personal excellent, always willing to face challenges.


Supermetanol, C.A: August 2009 – June 2018

Senior Mechanical Engineer: August 2016 – June 2018

Preparation of scopes of work for the intervention of static equipments during regular production operations of the plant: columns, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, reactors and pipes.

Preparation of the Annual Programming of Preventive Maintenance for Mechanical Assets of the plant during for regular production operations.

Review recommendations given by the static equipments inspection and integrity department, to be included in the intervention planning of the equipments.

Planning of maintenance works for Major Static Equipments during Programmed Plant Shutdowns.

Preparation of scope and analysis of technical tenders for the purchase of air coolers to be replaced in the Programmed Plant Shutdown.

General coordination of works preparation for the Programmed Plant Shutdown, during vacation time of the Shutdown Planning Coordinator.

Revision of spare parts of Static Equipments to be maintained in the Programmed Plant Shutdown, in order to initiate the procurement process of those parts (includes the analysis of technical tenders).

Member of group of “Persons In Charge of Maintenance for Urgency and Emergency Calls” schedule.

Assistance to job interviews of support staff for the planning of the Programmed Plant Shutdown.


Temporary assignment as Shutdown Planning Coordinator while he was on Vacations.

After several years of study interviewing actors of different departments related to mechanical assets maintenance and data classification, the first version of the Annual Programming of Preventive Maintenance for Mechanical Assets was published for implementation.

Static Mechanical Section Coordinator: March 2012 – July 2016

Assured static mechanical assets availability, executing plant mechanical maintenance required activities in a safe, highly technical, within budget and established time way.

Field supervision of static mechanical maintenance activities during regular production operations of the plant.valuation of risks involved in field activities to be performed.

Elaboration and revision of purchase requisitions, revision of scopes of work for services contracting and technical evaluation of bids in tenders for procurement and contracting, in line with established in the Maintenance Annual Budget

Supervision of contractors in charge of static mechanical maintenance of the plant. Revision / approval of the contractors field activities execution reports. Contractors’ performance evaluations.

Backlog control to be included in the plant maintenance activities weekly program.

Capitalization of the recommendations given by inspection of static equipment, regarding repairs for equipment failures.

Supervision of the plant static mechanical maintenance staff consisting of 5 persons. Control of staff and contractors personnel time sheets. Performance Evaluation of assigned staff and development of related Training Programs.

In charge of Maintenance Management Department for 1 week in December 2015, meanwhile incumbent Manager was attending a training course. General night shift coordinator for Plant Turnaround – Supermetanol 2015.

Member of group of “Persons In Charge of Maintenance for Urgency and Emergency Calls” schedule.


Achieved effective coordination of the 2015 Programmed Plant Shutdown Night Shift: one of the greatest scope and duration in the history of Supermetanol.

In charge of the Maintenance Management for the period of 1 week.

Managed to renew the tool park of the static mechanical maintenance section.

Planning Section Supervisor: May 2011 – February 2012

Preparation and compliance with the Annual Regular Budget of the Maintenance Superintendence, under running plant assumptions. Revision of Annual Preventive Maintenance Programs.

Revision of plant maintenance weekly programs. Preparation of maintenance reports, with management indexes (key performance indicators).

Coordination of contractors for maintenance works inside and outside the plant. Revision of documentation related to contractors payments.

Revision and pre-approval purchases / service requisitions and scopes of work for service contracting. Revision of budgetary estimates and technical evaluations of bids in tenders.

Supervision of 3 planners in the areas of static and rotary mechanical maintenance, electrical maintenance and instrumentation maintenance. Performance Evaluation and Development of related Training Program.

Member of group of “Persons In Charge of Maintenance for Urgency and Emergency Calls” schedule.Achievements:

Mechanical Section Supervisor: April 2010 – May 2011

Assured static and rotary mechanical assets availability, executing plant mechanical maintenance required activities in a safe, highly technical, within budget and established time way.

Planning, coordination and supervision of static and rotary mechanical maintenance activities. Supervision of direct and indirect staff of 10 employees in the mechanical maintenance static and rotary section of the plant. Control of staff and contractors personnel time sheets. Performance Evaluation of staff and Development of related Training Program.

Compliance with the Annual Maintenance Budget (static and rotary): elaboration, revision and approval of purchase requisitions for equipments, accessories, materials, parts and spare parts; revision of scopes of work for contracting services.

Revision / approval of contractors field activities execution reports of the mechanical static and rotary maintenance of the plant. Contractors’ performance evaluations.

Member of group of “Persons In Charge of Maintenance for Urgency and Emergency Calls” schedule.


Managed to maintain a harmony within the mechanical work team, the largest in terms of personnel in all sections of the Maintenance Management, as well as relations with other departments of the plant.

Static Mechanical Engineer: September 2009 – April 2010

Assured static mechanical assets availability, executing plant mechanical maintenance required activities in a safe, highly technical, within budget and established time way.

Field supervision of static mechanical maintenance activities with plant running. Evaluation of involved risks in the activities to be performed. Supervision of the contractors for static mechanical maintenance of the plant.

Capitalization of the recommendations given by inspection of static equipment, regarding repairs for equipment failures.

Requests for inqclusion in stock of parts, spare parts and consumables of static equipments.

Backlog control, in order to be included in the plant maintenance activities weekly program.

General night shift coordinator for Plant Turnaround – Supermetanol 2010.

Member of group of “Persons In Charge of Maintenance for Urgency and Emergency Calls” schedule.


Achieved an effective coordination of the 2010 Programmed Plant Shutdown night shift, which resulted in a promotion to Mechanical Section Supervisor.

Super Octanos Venezuela: November 2005 – September 2009

Asset Management Project Planner: October 2008 – September 2009

Project activities planning for the Methyl Ter-Butyl Ether Producer Petrochemical Plant which included Plant Spare Parts Cataloging and Super Octanos Warehouse Inventory Levels Optimization through “Cost/Risk/Benefit”model.

Support with the technical analysis of bids in tenders of rotary equipments spare parts.

Kept the assignments and communications up to date with the consultant in charge of carrying out the project.

Maintenance Assistant: July 2006 – August 2008

Support maintenance activities to rotary equipments, both with plant in operation and in shutdown. Assured rotary mechanical assets availability, with right planning and supervision of maintenance works.

Planning of rotary assets maintenance activities, determining and locating necessary spare parts and optimizing available human resources for those activities.

Supervise the critical path of “Improvement of Entrance Liners to Dehydrogenation Reactors” Project, during May 2007 Programmed Plant Shutdown.

Supervision at external workshop of Zimmermann & Jansen Valves repairs (plant critical asset), during May 2007 Programmed Plant Shutdown.

Support hiring foreign Technical Assistance for intervention of plant critical equipments during May 2007 Programmed Plant Shutdown.

Contract Administration, preparing scopes and requests of bids for bidding processes, bid analysis, granting good pro and service orders; Preparation of payments to service providers.


Achieved “Improvement of Entrance Liners to Dehydrogenation Reactors” Project within technical requirements of safety and quality, as well as budget and time.

Able to implement improvements to Zimmermann & Jansen Valves in terms of internal sizing of those equipments based on findings made at internship in previous years.

Maintenance Assistant: November 2005 – May 2006

Development of improvements in the Zimmermann & Jansen valves replacement procedure: design and calculation of supports to execute the maneuver in a safer and more efficient way.

Support in maintenance activities for rotary assets, both with plant in operation and in shutdown. Assured rotary assets availability


Managed to capitalize on the manufacture of the supports according to the developed specifications, so they were used for the replacement of the regarding valves.

Internship April 2005 – September 2005

Project Development: of “Optimization of Zimmermann & Jansen Valve Repair Processes”. Review of valve repair work in an external workshop during the last scheduled plant shutdown. Obtained mechanical adjustment procedure endorsed by the valve manufacturer. Managed to identify critical points and propose improvements, which were implemented in the next Programmed Plant Shutdown which took place in 2007.

Constructora Hermanos Furlanetto C.A. CONFURCA (Venezuela): August 2008 – October 2008

“Adaptation of Fuel Stations to Vehicular Natural Gas” Project Planner: Programming and monitoring of the project in Microsoft Project. Monitoring of hours / man of the construction phase of the project. Filling of formats. Histogram preparation. Preparation of reports. Preparation of valuations and their support for contracted items. Prepared a statement addressed to the client in relation to additional work, reliably supporting time deviations.

Training & Development

  • Engineering and Management of Static Equipments – Supermetanol, C.A. – 16 hours – 2017
  • Preparatory Course for API 570 Piping Inspector Certification Test – TEDUC – 56 hours – Buenos Aires, Argentina – June, 2017
  • Standards ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Induction – FACEX – 8 hours – October, 2016
  • B31.3 Process Piping Design, Materials, Fabrication, Examination and Testing Combo Course – The American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Houston, TX – October, 2015
  • Structure of ISO 9001:2008 Standard – BUREAU VERITAS de Venezuela – 16 hours – October 2015
  • Basic training in Refractory Materials – INDESCA – 40 hours – October, 2014
  • Emergency Brigade Training according to NFPA 600 – Fire School USA Corp. / Fire School de Venezuela – 32 hours – July, 2014
  • Managing Process Plants Turnarounds – PDVSA – 40 hours – November, 2013
  • MG3P Methodology for Process Plants Turnarounds – PDVSA – 8 hours – November, 2013
  • Performance Management – Hay Group – 8 hours – October, 2013
  • Cost Engineering – Pits Soluciones – 24 hours – October, 2012
  • Supervisory Skills Development – Pits Soluciones – 16 hours – March, 2012
  • Unit Prices Analysis – Pits Soluciones – 16 hours – September, 2011
  • Planning & Preventive Maintenance Workshop Training – Meridium – 16 hours – July, 2011
  • Effective Time Management – Pits Soluciones – 16 hours – April, 2011
  • GE Measurement & Control Solutions Seminar – GE ENERGY – 8 hours – October, 2010
  • Recruitment, Selection and Promotion of Human Resource Competency – FAME Consultores Gerenciales, C.A. – 8 hours – September, 2010
  • PROACT Training – Meridium – 16 hours – June, 2010
  • Failure Modes in Mechanical Seals – Performance Plus John Crane – 8 hours – June, 2008
  • Basic Fundamentals of Mechanical Seals – Performance Plus John Crane – 8 hours – June, 2008
  • Fundamentals of Centrifugal Pumps – Performance Plus John Crane – 16 hours – June, 2008

Annet Atencio


Líder Técnico, Scrum Master y Desarrollador Programador de Sistemas en Plataforma Pega 7. Dominio de Power Builder 10, Visual Basic y Java


Licenciada en Computación, Bilingue Ingles Español nivel Intermedio/Avanzado, con 9 años de experiencia en Análisis, Diseño y Desarrollo de Sistemas de Información: levantamiento de datos, historias de usuarios, especificaciones, modelaje de flujos, análisis técnico.

Me he desempeñado como Líder Técnico, Desarrollador Programador y Analista Funcional de Sistemas. Mi interés actual es en roles de Líder Técnico, Scrum Master, Project Management, Data Arquitect, Product Owner o Business Analyst.

Lenguajes de Programación: Power Builder 10 y 12, Visual Basic, Java, Pega 7.2

Manejadores de Base de Datos: SQL server, ASE, SQL anywhere, DB2, Transac SQL

Metodologías de Trabajo : Scrum, Kanban

Otras Aplicaciones: UML, Trello, Bizagi, Power Designer, Aldon LM, RAD (Rational Application Developer), Sql Navigator, SOAP UI 3.0, Manejo servicio Rest con PostMan)

Dominio de Paquetes Office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook.

Capacidad de entender planteamientos de problemas desde distintos punto de vista

Responsable y efectiva en el cumplimiento de fechas, tareas asignadas, prioridades y compromisos.

Facilidad y efectividad de comunicaciónes a nivel de usuario, supervisores, nivel operativo, y equipo de trabajo.

Capacidad para desarrollar el personal bajo mi responsabilidad y trabajar en equipo

Certification System Architect (CSA) 72V1

  • Licenciada en Computación: 2008, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela
  • Webmaster: 2011, Cedic, Venezuela
  • Especializacion en Gerencia de Ciencia y Tecnológia: 2016, Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin, Venezuela


IT Latin Group, Chile: Diciembre 2016 – Actual

Desarrollador de Sistemas Pega 7

Desarrollador en el proyecto Pyme de Creditos Empresariales del ScotiaBank, usando Pega 7 Platform, y metodología Agile bajo Scrum, herramienta Jira.

Modele el proceso “Portafolio del Ejecutivo” mediante la herramienta Bizagi, comunicación con el Product Owner y los Usuarios para el desarrollo de las historias de Usuarios.

Implemente, Desarrolle y Programe el módulo “Seguros Adicionales” en la simulación de créditos hipotecarios del ScotiaBank, usando Pega 7 Platform y Java.

Participe en la Documentación funcional de procesos bancarios en ScotiaBanck, Mantención del cliente, renta, KYC, Estado Situación del Cliente.

Análisis de fallas en Store Procedures DB2 y en servicios web mediante SOAPUI 3.0

Mapeo de Servicios Web contra Store Procedure

Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela: 2007 – 2016

Analista Programador de Sistemas

Coordinador Técnico en la Reingeniería del Sistema Administrativo de la Universidad: levantamiento de nuevos requerimientos, modelado de los flujos del negocio y diseño de la estructura de base de datos utilizando Power Designer, considerando integridad, índices, claves primarias, vistas, programación de triggers, funciones y store-procedure necesarios para la implementación.

Desarrollo de procedimientos mediante la base de datos ASE 15 de SYBASE

Mantenimiento y soporte bajo Visual Basic 6

Migración de los sistemas académicos, contables y de nómina de versiones anteriores de Power Builder 8 y 9 a Power Builder 10

Encriptación de las claves de acceso a los sistemas.

Desarrollo y mantenimiento del sistema de caja bajo Power Builder 10.2 y ASE 15.

Elaboración de Reportes de Indicadores para el proyecto Socio – Odontológico LUZ 2007 – 2008.

Oscar Parra Fracachan


Oil Gas Refinery Project / Scheduling / Costs Specialists


Civil Engineer with 24 years’ experience in planning and control in large projects in oil and gas industry: 10 years in downstream refinery operations and 7 years in upstream onshore production

Experience in implementation of the project change management system, ensuring proper monitoring, management and close- out of projects.

Experience in economic control of projects with earned value method, including development of work plan budget and forecast expenditures

Knowledge in the Earned Value Method for cost tracking and monitoring and cost estimates.

Participation in forensic schedule analysis in order to resolve dispute with the clients.

Participation in risk analysis and decision making with Crystall Ball software.

Schedules assessment using Acumen/FUSE of DELTEK.

Participation in root cause analysis and troubleshooting.

Working in multi-cultural environments and clients

Management skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and coaching individuals to maximize levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environments.

Team player, skilled in negotiations and conflict management, effective communication, problem solving, leadership, influencer in the organization and motivator of individuals.

Knowledge of Microsoft tools (Word, Excel, Ms Project) as well as Advanced PRIMAVERA, Crystall Ball. Exposure to SAP MM environments

  • Civil Engineer 1994 by Universidad de Zulia, Venezuela. College Engineering ID: 96109
  • Project Management Master’s Degree 2001 by Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela: Project Management Institute ID: 273258
  • Cost Master´s Degree 2009 by Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado, Venezuela: American Association of Cost Engineers ID: 408674


FOCUS TECNOLOGIA, Puerto la Cruz – Venezuela. 2018 – Current

Control Project Manager

Provide methodological and technical support in the preparation of the budgets of the last 6 projects to its respective managers; based on knowledge of the cost estimates made for the projects.

Responsible for controlling and monitoring the costs and expenses of each project through the contract administrator and planners, including the verification of invoices and claims that come from each supplier, vendor or subcontractor, in order to ensure that each cost record is valid and correctly registered.

Evaluation/knowledge of the daily cost of each resource. Creation and maintenance of the organization’s cost center system.· Provide a cost control report for all projects, including variations and warnings to give rise.· Monitoring of costs and performance on the relevant activities of each project.·

Coordinate, assist, participate proactively in every team meeting of each project, including their respective start-up meetings and in the meetings where the economic and physical performance of the project is discussed.

East Oil & Gas, Jose Industrial Condominium Eastern Venezuela: 2015 – actual

Project Manager

Responsible for “Petropiar Improver Engineering and Procurement Coke Drums Deheader Project“, the timely allocation of resources and the management of production costs control systems: I lead a team of 37 employees who have imputed 65,000 manpower hours developing the conceptual, basic and detail engineering of the installation of 8 unheading valves and 4 center feed devices of coke drums of the Petropiar upgrader.

Planned 537 activities, tasks & objectives for 3 teams in 3 countries locations: Madrid, Salt Lake City and Puerto La Cruz.

Coordinated 55 Procurement Process Actions with the USA equipment provider Delta Valve to engineer the equipment, its fabrication and mobilization of more than 500 tons of materials to the warehouses of the upgrader using several source points and in 56 container crates.

Key Tasks and Milestone of the project :

  • Elaboration of work breakdown structure of the project in order to develope the schedules, time, cost, quality, procurement and critical resources plans of the project.
  • Identification of the risks of the project (32 in total) and following via the project’s papers.
  • Proactive management in the assignation of resources and tools to carry out tasks according to the project’s schedules.
  • Following of 537 critical path tasks defined in the project’s schedule
  • Implementation of quality management plan through the assignation of 8800 man hours of specialized personnel.
  • Elaboration and analysis of 48 control reports of the project based earned values of the engineering phase, 81 progress reports for the procurement phase and 132 financial control reports
  • Final acceptance of the project by the client.

Curtiss-Wright, Jose Industrial Condominium Eastern Venezuela: 2013 – 2015

Planning Scheduling Coordinator

In charge of Revision, adjustment and approval of 2014 Petrocedeño Extra Heavy Oil Upgrader project plan turnaround and 4 main schedules for the preparation and installation of the Top and Bottom New Deheading Systems – Delayed Coker Drums.

Coordination of 972 tasks using Primavera and Elaboration and analysis of 39 weekly project control reports based on the earned value methodology, 16 monthly progress reports and 86 daily turnaround reports to support decisions in the situational room.

Documented responses of 3 claims by the company responsible for the installation of the valves, performing the delay’s analysis for the effective resolution of the conflicts.

The most relevant activities were:

  • Creation of the work breakdown structure of the project (WBS) with the intention of developing the time, cost, critical resources and procurement plans.
  • Obtaining the approval of the project’s plan by the client.
  • Measurement of the physical and economic performance of the projects using the suitable tools and techniques (In this case using earned value).
  • Lead the forensic analysis of the 4 schedules and the 972 activities through the comparison between “as planned vs as built” for the mitigation of claims.
  • Responsible for supervising and supporting project and construction engineers and support schedule analysis in sustaining claims.

ODEBRECHT Venezuela: 2012 – 2013

Brasil Planner Leader

Directed, guided, elaborated and updated, with a team of 8 Planning Engineers, the work schedules for the construction of an 11 Billion USD Second Bridge over Maracaibo Lake, which took 2+ million m3 of concrete.

Construction included western and eastern viaducts, low bridge, main bridge, camps at the headwaters, access roads, foundations and other maritime facilities

Created Purchasing Actions Plans for 2012 and 2013 for the adquisition of 15,000 MT of steel, 30,000 TM of stone quarries and 15,000 TM of Cement required for the eventual construction/installation of a fabrication system to build bridge foundations’ piles as well as 3 concrete plants of 1,200 m3/day’s capacity.

Directed and executed control tasks of the different parts of the construction project through the creation of 90 “One Week Look Ahead” in order to influence weekly management productivity.

Presented 122 global project status reports (weekly and monthly): 96 of them for internal use and 26 customer reports on the overall progress.

DRAGASUR Venezuela: 2008 – 2011

Projects & Construction Manager

Responsible for the implementation of project processes, timely allocation of resources and production costs control systems. In charge of 120 people.

Execution of 24 projects in 4 years (45% in Tanks Construction, 38% in Refineries Mechanical Maintenance, and 17% in Environmental Engineering) worth USD 117 million. Exceeded profit targets consistently over 15% through timely decision making and implementation of Cost Control strategies.

Creation of 3 new service lines: mechanical maintenance of Refinery Product Lines, construction & maintenance of oil tanks, and mechanical maintenance of Refinery Process Units.

Development of a Project Management Information System “ON LINE” to provide timely assistance to the decision-making process.

Created Model for Enterprise Resources Distribution to the different projects, minimizing 14% equipment rentals. Thus impacting Revenues.

Identification, preparation and presentation of 10 claims to our customers, of which 8 were successful, allowing a recovery of more than USD 2 million.

NCT Energy Group / ABB: November 2007 – March 2008

Project Planner Controller

Responsible for Initiation, Planning, Control and Closure of 3 Oil and Gas Projects executed by the company in Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

Made sure that the oil well recovery projects in Rincon de los Sauces and in Loma de la Lata in Neuquén Argentina and in Santa Cruz de Bolivia, where made in line with Plans, Business Objectives and Profitability.

Submitted 98 weekly performance reports with the productivity indicators agreed with the members of the teams.

Carried out economic feasibility studies for the recovery of 182 oil wells in these 3 Projects. IRR, NPV and period of returns considering the investment required to recover the each oil well and its expected production values were calculated.

Prepared plans and schedules of the three projects and updated them weekly

PDVSA Industrial Services

Strategic Planning Leader

The Industrial Services of PDVSA in western Venezuela is responsible for the construction of oil production facilities in Lake of Maracaibo (subsea pipe laying, oil wells drilling, construction of platform production on the lake, subsea pipe repair, installation of platforms’ piles), all major maintenance activities of all facilities and construction and maintenance of boats /barges

As leader of the department I measured the performance its different activities, the most important being the work time of the drilling barges, the performance of the barges of laying of pipes in the lake, control and monitoring of the activities of Maintenance of oil production facilities.

Lead the PREMIO project (4.5 billion dollars during 2007 for the recovery and maintenance of all the production facilities of the PDVSA western division.

Lead the feasibility study of the fabrication of 600 boats of different applications to leverage the oil activity of the division in the years 2,007 – 2012.

Carried out performance’s monitoring of the repairs of boats/barges in the dry docks in the central workshops.

Led the expansion projects of the naval maintenance units through the acquisition of floating docks.

Jesus Reina Rincon


16 años de experiencia en Planificación, Programación y Ejecución de Mantenimiento Eléctrico a Equipos Industriales


Recien emigrado a Chile. RUT vigente. Dado que mi experiencia esta en Equipos, Herramientas y Plataformas de Perforación Petrolera Direccional, me encuentro haciendo transicion hacia Mineria o Mantenimiento Industrial, cualquiera sea la primera industria me de la oportunidad. Disponible para cualquier Region

Manejo de SAP MM y PM y herramientas Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project).

Planificación, Programación y Mejoramiento de Mantenimiento de Equipos Eléctricos y Mecánicos.

Estudio de Carga y Dimensionamiento de Protecciones Eléctricas en distribución.

  • Ingeniero Eléctrico, 2004, Universidad del Zulia, Venezuela
  • Ingeniero Civil en Electricidad, 2018, Universidad de Chile


Procter & Gamble Chile: Agosto 2017 – Marzo 2019

Técnico de Manufactura

Operación de carga de materia prima, seguimiento del buen funcionamiento de área asignada, ajustes de parámetros, aseguramiento de la calidad y Mantención (limpieza programada, detección y corrección de fallas, solicitud de materiales para mantención preventiva y correctiva), de línea de producción en Planta Santiago.

Gruman Inversiones Ltda, Chile: Febrero – Julio 2017

Técnico de Mantención

Ejecución de mantención preventivo y correctivo eléctrico y civil a instalaciones administrativas y área de ventas de cadena de farmacias.

PDVSA, Petróleos de Venezuela: Agosto 2005 – Enero 2017

Líder de Mantenimiento Eléctrico: Julio 2013- Enero 2017

Control del Proyecto de creación del Taller de Mantención, Selección de equipos, seguimiento e impulso en avances de obras, Gestión con proveedores, administrador de contratos y presupuestos de los trabajos realizados para dicha creación. Elaboración de contrato para certificación de equipos de medición del laboratorio de mantención.

Supervisión/Auditoría de Ejecución de Planes de Mantención Preventiva y Correctiva a Equipos Especializados de Perforación APS: WPR, Emisores de Pulso, LWD, MWD, Equipos de Superficie (Cabinas, sistemas computacionales y de comunicación).

Administración de personal técnico y recursos materiales para ejecución de los planes de mantención preventiva y correctiva.

Elaboración y actualización de planes de mantención anual a Equipos Especializados de Perforación APS.

Líder de Planificación y Programación de Mantenimiento Eléctrico: Julio 2011 – Junio 2013

Líderar la Planificación y Programación de Mantenimientos Mayores y Operacionales a Taladros y Gabarras de Perforación y Rehabilitación de pozos petroleros. Gestión con proveedores, elaboración y administración de contratos y presupuestos de los mantenimientos. Administración de personal y recursos asignados.

Tareas de Planificación:
Creación y administración de Órdenes de Mantenimiento. Asignación de recursos humano y material para ejecución de Proyectos de Mantención. Administración de contratos de servicios de mantención (Obras Civiles Menores, Mantención de Compresores de Aire, Mantención de Motores de Combustión Interna Diesel, Inspección de Equipos Estáticos). Elaboración de Presupuesto Anual.

Tareas de Programación: Supervisión de Programación de Mantenciones Preventivas y Correctivas de Equipos Industriales. Seguimiento a compras de materiales y repuestos. Control de logística de personal técnico, equipos y materiales entre talleres y/o áreas de trabajo.

Líder de Mantenimiento Eléctrico: Julio 2007 – Junio 2011

Líderar Ejecución de Planes de Mantenimiento Preventivo (Nivel 1, 2 y 3) a Equipos Eléctricos, Mecánicos y de Instrumentación de Taladros y Gabarras de Perforación y Rehabilitación de pozos petroleros.

Supervisión/Auditoría de Ejecución de Planes de Mantención Preventiva y correctiva a los siguientes renglones de equipos:

Equipos Eléctricos: Grupos Electrógenos con Motor de combustión interna diesel CATERPILLAR 35/3612, Generador eléctrico KATO 600 VAC, 1.560 KVA. CCM Ross-Hill 600/480 VAC. Motores Eléctricos AC jaula de ardilla desde 1 HP hasta 75 HP, Motores Eléctricos DC GE 1000 HP y Toshiba 800 HP).

Equipos Mecánicos: Polipastos neumáticos de 5 TON. Grúas Hidráulicas 30 TON.

Instrumentación: Equipos de registro y control de perforación MUDWATCH, Sistemas hidráulicos, Líneas de procesos de aire, agua y fluidos de perforación desde SCH 40 hasta SCH 120).

Equipos Estructurales: Inspección, reparación y mantención de torres de perforación, plataformas de trabajo.

Administrar el personal y recursos asignados para ejecución de los planes de mantención preventiva y correctiva. Solicitud y seguimiento de compra de equipos, repuestos y materiales para la ejecución de los Planes de Mantención. Elaboración de presupuesto anual de mantención. Adquisición de datos para indicadores de gestión de mantención.

Ingeniero de Mantenimiento Eléctrico: Noviembre 2004 – Junio 2007

Administración de personal y recursos, asi como solicitud y seguimiento de compra de equipos, repuestos y materiales para ejecución de los planes de mantención electrica preventiva y correctiva a Equipos de Plataformas de Perforación y Rehabilitación de pozos petroleros.

Estudios de cargas eléctricas y dimensionamiento de protecciones en sistemas de distribución eléctrica de Actualización de planos estructurales y Diagrama Unilinial.

Entrenamiento y Cursos

  • Taller Corporativo de Formación Supervisión y Gerencia 26 al 30/10/2015, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Curso Básico de Protección Radiológica, 03 al 07/11/2014, Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas
  • Well Control Fundamental, 18 al 21/02/2014, Jairo Drilling Consulting C.A.
  • Operación y Mantenimiento de Herramientas de Perforación Direccional, 09/2013, HongHua, Kerui y APS, China.
  • Visualización Global de Materiales en SAP, 09/02/2012, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • SAP Básico, 08/02/2012, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Permiso de Trabajo en Frío y Caliente, 20 al 24/04/2009, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Análisis de Riesgos en el Trabajo, 16/03/2009, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Análisis y Prevención de Fallas, 07 al 11/05/2007, Hidroex
  • Overhaul de Transmisión Serie 5/6000 Allison, 19 al 23/06/2006, Detriot Chile S.A.
  • Microsoft Project, 10 al 13/10/2005, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Desenergización, Bloqueo y Etiquetado de equipos eléctricos, 21/04/2003, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Refrescamiento ISO 9001:2000, 28/11/2002, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Análisis de Riesgo en el Trabajo, 26/09/2002, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.
  • Protección de Activos de Información, 24/09/2002, Petróleos de Venezuela S.A.

Juan Luis Carrillo


Customs, Foreign Trade (Imports and Exports) & International Freight Logistics. US Florida based with legal work permit


I have been a Customs Analyst, Assistant Operations Manager, Customs & Operations Manager, National Imports Coordinator, and Entrepreneur.

Skilled in logistics facility operations, project management, shipments follow-up, strategic planning, budget & financial analysis and forecasting.

Bilingual: Spanish, and English. Good at Employee Communications, Public Speaking, Negotiation and Leadership.

Look forward to expand mi international Network. Just send your LinkedIn invite.


Select Express & Logistics: July 2017 – Actual

Assistant Operations Manager (Amazon Miami Ops) March 2019 – Actual

  • Support Operations Management in supervising daily operations of two Amazon Distribution Centers in Miami.
  • supervise operations teams to ensure operational excellence and excellent customer services for both warehouses.
  • Assist in interviewing, recruiting, training, performance evaluation, promotion and termination of drivers and dispatchers.
  • Generate operational reports for management as needed.

Dispatcher: July 2017 – Actual

  • Assigned vehicles, drivers, delivery devices, routes, and positions until cover the daily Amazon Delivery Operation at Miami – Fort Lauderdale Area.
  • Prepared reports and presented information, statistics and projections. OPS (AM/PM), Recap (Hourly), Fleet Mileage, Roster, HOFF.
  • Refreshed and maintained channels of coordination with Amazon Team, DSP Team, and Drivers and associates.

Jucar Express, LLC, Miami, FL April 2013 – October 2014

Operations General Manager

Jucar Express was a Freight Forwarding, Purchasing Agents, and Import/Export operation. There I had the following accountabilities :

  • Maintained and updated knowledge on all customs clearance process and evaluate transportation strategies and ensure work according to customers and supplier requirement.
  • Collaborated with third-party freight forwarders and administer appropriate movement of all goods and supervise all freight flow and ensure clearance and delivery to the customers.

Gabriela Ramoni


Ingeniero Planificación y Control de Proyectos, Residente de Puerto Montt y en busqueda activa en la industria acuicola




Alejandro Marquez


Ingeniero Eléctrico. Proyectos EPCM MT BT: Industria de Generación Solar FV, Eolica,Termo, Aeropuertos, Oil & Gas


9 años de experiencia en proyectos multidisciplinarios en los sectores EPCM, Infrastructura de Aeropuertos y Edificaciones, Energia, Oil & Gas, Complejos Industriales, Subestaciones Electricas BT/MT y Líneas de transmisión. Orientado a energías renovables, terminales de transporte (aéreo y ferroviario) y edificios singulares (hospitales).

Me he desempeñado como Ingeniero de Diseño (desarrollando estudios y cálculos para definición de sistemas; dimensionamiento, selección y especificación de equipos; cómputos métricos y estimaciones), y tengo experiencia en soporte técnico en construcción, inspección y puesta en servicios en Instalaciónes Industriales y Comerciales. Tengo experticia técnica en:

  • Subestaciones de media tensión (switchgears, transformadores, scada, protecciones);
  • Líneas de transmisión aérea;
  • Instalaciones eléctricas en baja tensión,
  • Alumbrado, puesta a tierra, y protección catódica.

Actualmente soy Coordinador del área de Ingeniería Eléctrica, en el proyecto de Ampliación del Aeropuerto AMB en la ciudad de Santiago de Chile, donde me encargo de gestionar equipos de trabajo para el desarrollo del diseño y la coordinación MEP.

Dominio de software de diseño AutoCAD, Naviswork, Dialux, ETAP. Proactivo, auto motivado, habilidades de liderazgo, trabajo en equipo, negociación, gestión de recursos, sentido de la organización y el logro de objetivos.


NBI SpA Agencia Chile (Grupo Astaldi): Marzo 2017 – Actual

Participación en el proyecto de ampliación del Aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benítez (AMB) en Santiago de Chile:  Coordinación de la disciplina electricidad.  Organización de actividades conjuntas con equipo de modelado BIM, colaboradores internos y externos, proveedores y fabricantes de equipos eléctricos.  Verificación y control de ingeniería (electricidad y corrientes débiles).  Desarrollo de información técnica de proyecto.  Apoyo técnico en fase constructiva.  Gestión con el cliente (CJV: VINCI-ASTALDI). Referencias: