Veronica Michetti


Telco Telecom ITIL CCNA CCND Network/Security Project Engineer / Team Leader. Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Avaya Specialist


Networking Engineer with 5+ years experience: 2 in Telco Telecom Environments, 1.5 in Integrators / Software Development Offshore Consulting, and 2 in Call Centers Deployment. Experience en Support Level 1 & 2. ITIL Fundamentals Certified. Permanent resident of Mexico and interested in positions where Projects make at least 60% of accountabilities: +5578101468 –

Technical Skills in Project Management, Auditing, Infraestructure Planning, Switching & Routing CISCO / AVAYA, Firewalls Juniper, CISCO, Fortinet, Network security: PCI.

Soft Personal Skills: Creative, with initiative, Goal & Team oriented. Team, used to work under pressure. Excellent oral and written communication

  • Electronics & Computer Engineer, 2005, Yacambu University, Venezuela.
  • Data Networks & Telecom specialization, 2008, Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado, Venezuela.
  • Master Degree in Network Engineering, 2012, Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado, Venezuela. Unfinished.


Teleperformance Mexico: November 2016 – Actual

Networking Engineer

Follow up and monitoring Network & Telecommunications Projects for national and international clients of the company.

Purchasing, Supplier & Demand Process, Management, analysis and estimation of consumption.

Collaborate with the Pre-sales / Support / Project Managment Teams to launch new campaigns within time and budget.

Operation and Maintenance of a 2400 users Network.

Praxis Mexico: November 2014 – June 2016

Network Infrastructure Operations Manager: November 2015 – June 2016

Analysis, Planning and Administration of the technological infrastructure of the company (technical support, servers, networks and telecommunications).

Follow up and Monitoring of projects to ensure execution in time and form. Generation of executive reports with results of the area.

Manage Indicators, Direct the activities of the personnel in charge, and coordinate the service providers of the area.

In charge of 4 subordinates.

Network Infrastructure Specialist: November 2014 – October 2015

Execution preventive maintenance and corrective improvements on the network.

Keep Network documentation / inventory updated. Propose technical / administrative improvements for the area.

Documentation of the existing infrastructure to allowed reactive and corrective actions, leading to 25% incidents reduction

Digitel Corporation, Venezuela: January 2012 – June 2014

Maintenance & Operations Network Supervisor

Supervise and keep running the network platform on corporate headquarters, as well as client service centers and regional offices.

Execution of improvements, corrective and preventive maintenance to the Network

Follow-up Projects to ensure execution in time and form.

Administration of Support Contracts with Manufacturers. Manage integrators

Management Quality indicators Improvement in the processes of O & M systems in line with the business objectives. Plan and execute improvements in internal customer processes.

Staff in charge: 4 direct. 1 indirect

Bank Casa Propia, Venezuela: November 2009 – July 2011

Network Technology Analyst

Monitoring of the internal network, Administration and configuration of Firewall Juniper, Spam and Virus Firewall Barracuda, ​​Verification and configuration of Cisco and Huawei Routers.

BEL Corporatino, Venezuela: June 2008 – July 2009

Infraestructure & Technology Analyst

Responsible for Administering a network with Fortinet platform (25 companies) as well as Monitoring the FrameRelay Network (16 companies)

Fortinet Firewall Equipment Configuration for the start-up of new companies: Development of bandwidth management policies. Configure access to the corporate network with security levels.

Register and control software licenses. Contact with suppliers. Detection, monitoring and control of failures at the network level. Perform audit of the connections.

Information gathering for new data rooms and monitoring of IT projects. Documentation of all configurations and network failures of companies. Detect and resolve Software and Hardware failures.
Remote support.

Manpower Group, Venezuela: January 2006 – January 2008

Senior Internet Analyst

Resume CV LinkedIn Profile Services

Career Audit, Definition, Validation of Objectives and Content Optimization of your Personal Presentation the a Job Search Project. (English Version: Jan 2019)

  1. Strategic Analysis of your Current Situation, Career Audit and Definition of Search Objectives, and immediate short and medium term actions (Module I).
  2. Audit, Optimization, and Improvement of your Personal Presentation for the construction of your Profile, Resume, CV and Marketing Profile and Applications (Module I).
  3. Connection Techniques via Mini Cover Letters (Part of Module II, does not include identification of Targets).
  4. Orientation and Assistance on Job Search limited to 3 consultations (Part of Module III, Does not include Market Research or Tracking).
  5. Support in Selection Interviews, includes up to 3 drill. (Part of Module II)
  6. Training in Cover Letters design up to a maximum of 3.
  7. Profile distribution throughout my LinkedIn Network. Take into account that it is only a minor Marketing support and in no way a commitment to send profile to your Target Market.
  8. Random applications depending on my navigation, once your Personal Presentation is loaded in Gutenberg Editor
  9. Facebook Boosting and LinkedIn Promoted Marketing at variable cost as an additional service, if you are willing to invest in automatic marketing.

Maximum time to be invested: 12 hours – Fee: 60 – 80 Euros. Variation depends on the complexity and level of case. @average cost per hour = 5 EUR

Job Search over Houston

This is a proposal for running a delegated Job search over Houston Texas within the Instrumentation & Control Function of the different industries that use that specialty.

Consulting Services & Job Search Project Proposal:

Industry Scope: Oil & Gas, EPCM,

Module I: Situational & Contextual Analysis

Key objectives: Profile & CV drafting and optimization to reflect real nature of the jobs done in the past and exposed key experience and know how. Consultant will draft preliminary proposal, but client must provide additional information if requested, specifically in those cases of empty job descriptions in their Career Time Line

Since it is an old client it is expected just to be a review and update. However data is 2 years old.

Detail of what contains this Module:

Module II: Market Targets Identification & Referral Marketing

{Reaching the Market & Selling via Network Referrals} Key Objectives: Identification of Real Players in the target Markets/Industries as well as specialized Engineering Recruitment Companies operating in the Houston Area. The candidate is responsible for executing connections following method of Mini Cover Letters & Thanks Letters.

The Candidate doesn’t have time. Hence project must include drafting Mini Cover Letters & Thanks Letters for every application.

Market Research, Intelligence & Tracking

Key objectives: Weekly tracking of Jobs published in the targeted markets/industries both at the level of LinkedIn Jobs as wells as Content published.

In spite of Candidate not having time, he must assume responsibility for the analysis and processing of every Job Post or Lead detected. Data will be sent to his account

Since candidate does not have time, this will be almost a fully delegated search without any training on Job Seeking

Restrictions on Candidate Time availability force this project to almost 90% delegation.

Consultant is in no way accountable if the Candidate fails to be offered Sponsorships

Mini Cover Letter

Learn to use Mini Cover Letters to replace any content you may use at all when sending LinkedIn Invites.

In general, the outline will be 3 blocks of info or paragraphs:

  • Introduction
  • Body of presentation of who you are
  • Why are you connecting

1: Dear xyz

2: LinkedIn Headline + {Variable content} depending on situation / context.

3: I’would like to be in your Recruiting Network for current or future opportunities.

4. Regards,

Overall, the Mini Cover Letter can not exceed 300 characters. Use Letter Count to make measurements and editing

1, 3 & 4 are standard. Paragraph 3 may vary if you are connecting regarding an application.

The Job Search Process

What Actions Steps you must take to execute a sucesful Job Hunt?

For several years I have tried to best explain the game, using different analogies. But none of the work well. This Year 2019 I have a new scheme to test out and see if the message get across.

Nicolas Aguero


Ingeniero de Ventas Industriales con 4 años de experiencia Combustibles y Lubricantes, y 2 en Materiales y Equipos de Soldadura.


Ingeniero Industrial 2005, 6+ años de experiencia en gestión de ventas, Atención al Cliente, planificación, programación y logística de transporte, adquisición de bienes, contratación de obras y servicios, procesos industriales y seguridad industrial. Rut 26.481.137-6, +56 9 4987 0192. Disponible para cualquier Region.

Experiencia en Combustibles, Lubricantes y Equipos y Materiales de Soldadura. Versátil, con orientación al cliente, negociación positiva, alto rendimiento, acostumbrando a trabajar bajo presión de metas y Objetivos, trabajo en equip, de facil adaptación al cambio,y disponible a viajar.

Dominio Intermedio de Windows Office, Excel, Project, SAP. Inglés básico.

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Pablo Arimany


General Manager, 18+ years experience in Paper, Packing & Construction Materials, and 7+ year in HydroElectric Generation Projects.


Searching General Management positions or Business Division Level where I can contribute with my 26+ years experience directing manufacturing companies in the paper industry, aggregates and power generation with commercial operations in Guatemala, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean;

The companies I have worked for have reached and exceeded targets as a result of team work, selecting, training, individually developing and assigning the best people for each job, creating a work environment where there is harmony, respect and professional ethics.

  • Mechanical Engineer, LEHIGH UNIVERSITY, Bethlehem, PA, USA, 1988
  • MBA in marketing, ESEADE, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, 1994


Hidroelectrica Pacayas: June 2011 – Current

General Manager of a 5 MW hydroelectric power plant

3 USD Million Sales. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Finance Manager, 1 Public & Social RelationsManager. Total Manpower: 16

  • Start of the project from zero with management of licenses, permits, negotiation of the power sale contract (PPA), financing, design, relations with neighboring farms, communities, institutional relations, construction and start up of operations on March 25, 2015
  • Zero work stoppages from the start of construction to date, which are often the result of problems generated by inadequate communication and relationship with the communities in the area.

Grupo Progreso: September 1992 – May 2011

Agregados de Centro America, S. A. (Agreca): December 2009 – May 2011

General Manager of an Aggregates factory for the Construction Industry.

8 plants in Guatemala, 1 in Honduras and 1 in Panama. 40 USD Million Sales. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Sales Manager, 1 Sales Manager, 1 Finance Manager, 1 HHRR Manager, 1 Public & Social Relations Manager, and 1 Warehouse Head. Total Manpower: 150

  • Received the company with losses and bring it to positive earnings in the first year of management
  • Improved relationships and service with customers. Managed key clients.
  • An aggregates contract was reached in the construction of the Panama Canal as part of the general pool of providers.

Samcarsa de México, S.A. C.V.: March 2002 – December 2009

Joint Venture General Manager (25% Management Time):

Assigned in 25% in of my management time, to build a factory in Mexico as part of Sacos del Atlántico, S.A. where we had a mexican partner. I was in charge of assembling it, and once it was up and running, I hired a local manager, and continue working in 10% of my time as an external advisor until December 2009.

  • Promotion in the investment of a new multiwall paper bags factory in Mexico was accomplished with Mexican partners.
  • Running simultaneously the companies in Mexico and Guatemala, traveling a week per month during the period of growth and stabilization of the production and sales.
  • Managed Key Clients

Samcarsa Guatemala, later Sacos del Atlantico: September 1992 – December 2009

General Manager (75% a 90% Management Time)

Joint Venture between Arimany Group & Cementos Progreso for manufacturing of multi wall paper bags for the cement, lime, flour and seed industries in Central America and the Caribbean. Sales Volume around 20 USD MM. Arimany Group sold its shares to Cementos Progreso in 2003. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Sales Manager, 1 Finance Manager, 1 HHRR Manager, and 1 Warehouse Head. Total Manpower: 85

  • From being a smallest company of the area, I made it the largest, most modern and efficient in Central America and the Caribbean. From 1,992 to 2,009 sales increased from 24MM to 103MM of bags
  • Reduced paper waste from 12% to 1.5%
  • Increased 137% productivity per worker
  • Glue savings in 50%
  • Increase Sales Volume by 329%
  • 7% above average profits in this industry in the world market.
  • Business / Commercial expansion to Central America & Caribbean. Alway managing key clients.
  • Leading supplier of multi wall paper bags for Cementos Progreso and Cemex in Central America and the Caribbean.
  • Created the management foundations which allowed “Sacos del Atlantico” obtained for several consecutive years the award “Best Place to Work” in Guatemala.

Fábrica de Equipos, S.A. (Equipment Factory): July 1990 – August 1992

General Manager of an Arimany Group Workshop that gave maintenance services and manufacture of equipment for the paper mills. 3 USD million Sales. Direct line of report: 1 Production Manager, 1 Warehouse head, 1 Accountant, and 1 HHRR Manager. Total Manpower: 120

Papeles Elaborados, S.A. (Elaborated Papers): July 1990 – June 1998

Production Supervisor of a Recycling paper factory in Guatemala that used to belong to Arimany Group and then later sold to Kimberly Clark. 25 direct people in the line of report.

Hector Monterroso


Finance & Business Development Commercial Manager: 8 years in HydroPower/LNG, 4 in Agroindustry and 2 in Construccion


Financial executive with 10+ years experience in large regional companies in Central America in Energy and Agro-industry, and Construction.

Experience in Financing, Budget Control, Debt management & Operating Expenses of infrastructure projects, OPEX, investment profitability analysis, treasury and accounting.

Creative, analytical and highly diligent. I have lead teams based on win / win principles, fellowship, trust and honesty. Focused on long-term results with solid working principles of strategic & financial planning.

I am a Public Accountant /Auditor with an MBA and Law Degree from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

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Rebeca Penalver

Analista Financiero de Nominas, Coordinador RRHH, Beneficios, Bienestar Social, Eventos y Servicios de Comedor. Licenciado en Administración Comercial 2012, Diplomando en Administracion de Negocios por el IESA 2014, Bilingüe Ingles/Español. Permiso Laboral Tiempo Parcial para 20 horas en Madrid. Cursando actualmente Certificado en Gestión de Recursos Humanos en el Instituo Aranda de Formación.   +34 617 13 2766

  • 5+ años de experiencia en Forecasting Costos de Manpower
  • 4+ años en Procesamiento y Contabilidad de Nominas
  • 3+ años en Administración de Beneficios y Acuerdos Laborales.
  • 3+ años supervisando servicios de comedores industriales.
  • 2+ gerenciando eventos corporativos

Capacidad de Resolucion de Problemas, Multitasking, Capacidad de Trabajo en Equipo, Buena Comunicación, y Alta Capacidad de adaptación. Dominio de Microsoft Office, SAP, Software de Nominas, CSTime.

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